The Stars in Her Eyes


For many, this is a comforting word, but for Philip, Mother is a controlling, manipulative monster who won’t let him live his life.

Philip McReynolds is a young man coming of age in a world that says that greed, selfishness and being sexually experienced are things that are expected of a young man. However, this is not the type of person Philip is. He is a reader, a writer, a dreamer of dreams, and when he meets the girl of his dreams, a 17-year-old named Amanda, he begins the journey to break free of his mother’s possessiveness and become Amanda’s knight in shining armor.

Empty Rooms

This collection of gruesome and suspenseful tales will keep you looking over your shoulder. It contains tales of blood and murder, of the supernatural and the saturnine which may just keep you up at night — in more ways than one.


Restless Nights

These terrifying tales from Santos and Seeger will disturb you to the depths of your soul. Walk with us through tales from a mysterious weight loss concoction to an ancient ziggurat, a strange murder and the secret of an envelope; a were-beast and a haunted hotel; a theater frequented by the spirits of the creatures whose films it once featured; revenge and more murder, and a society with a different sort of racism.